Cook now your first Japanese delicious “Hot Pot” with this techniques

Hot pots, what the Japanese call nabe (nah-beh), are a fundamental style of Japanese home cooking, which means, by definition, they’re simple, fast, and easy to prepare.

Many of us, though, have almost no point of reference for Japanese food beyond the local sushi bar, so cooking this cuisine can sometimes seem exotic and intimidating.

But here’s a secret: with a little know-how, Japanese food is a cinch to make, especially these comforting dishes. In the paragraphs that follow, we’ll walk you though everything you need to know, from understanding essential ingredients and seasonings to choosing the right cookware to learning basic techniques.

So very soon, whipping up a gorgeous hot pot will become as second nature as roasting a chicken

Our delicious Japanese hot pots are a mixture of foods that are cooked in a container using broth inside. A combination of several vegetables, noodles, seafood, poultry and sometimes even meat. this will helps you also to lose weight fast.

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