Fortnite: how this video game is causing divorces

Addiction to video games such as Fortnite would now possibly be causing more and more divorces, after being recognized as a real disease by the WHO.

And in particular Fortnite, According to a British site specializing in divorces, their clients would be 5% to have mentioned online gambling as the reason for their separation. So a tip: spend more time with your wife / husband / boyfriend than with your screen.

Dangerous games

Play video games, ok. But spending more time with Fortnite than with his beloved, it can create conflict, or even a separation. Which is logical after all because if your screen has priority over your darling (e), it is that you have an addiction problem. The English website Divorce Online has also published an alarming press release on this subject.

It indicates that of the 4,665 divorce applications received this year (since January 1, 2018), 200 of them mentioned online video games, specifically Fortnite, as one of the reasons for their break-up. In making the calculation, the site managers realized that the game developed by Epic Games would be responsible for about 5% of these divorces.

Taking these statistics into account, PCGamesN estimates that approximately 4,000 divorces per year. In the United Kingdom could be directly related to Fortnite and more generally to online games.

Addiction to video games, a real disease

Spending more time playing online than going out. Having a drink, going to a movie, or just having fun with your partner is one of the problems of our century. The “video game disorder” was also recognized as a disease by the World Health Organization (WHO) last June. Yes, being addicted to Fortnite is an addiction, as with alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.

A spokesman for Divorce Online even admitted that for them, these numbers are “not a surprise”. Before the internet, “addictions to drugs, alcohol and gambling have often been cited as reasons for failure”. And now with “the digital revolution”, “other types of addictions” have emerged. In addition to online video games, there is also “online pornography” or “social networks”.


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