Learn what to do with your face

  It’s important to make faces in your meeting. Making the right face at the right time will set you apart and create the illusion that you actually understand what’s being discussed.

But sometimes it’s hard to come up with the right face to make or new faces to make that you haven’t already made hundreds of times. If you find yourself in that situation, try one of these faces.

     1. Furrow your brow and tilt your head. This face says, “That idea sounds familiar. Oh, yeah, because you stole it from our competitor.”

Furrow brow, tilt head

2.  Point your chin down and purse your lips. This face says, “I love it when you tell me how to do my job.”

Chin down and purse lips

   3. Raise your eyebrows and smile. This face says, “Someone brought cupcakes??”

Raise eyebrows and smile

4. Look tired. This face says, “Who the hell keeps scheduling meetings for 8 a.m?” 

Look tired

   5. Squint your eyes and frown slightly. This face says, “Did you just offer me plain tap water?”

Squint eyes, frown slightly

   6. Smile slyly. This face says, “Yes, I am still working on that.”

Smile slyly

  7. Close your eyes. This face says, “I’m listening very intently, I swear.”

Close eyes

  8. Put your chin on your fist. This face says, “That’s an interesting perspective, Nathan; tell me more.”

Chin on fist

  9. Raise your eyebrows and point. This face says, “Oh, right! We did forget to document that decision.”

Raise eyebrows and point

   10. Smile widely. This face says, “Great speech, boss.”

Smile widely

    11. Look excited. This face says, “Hey! Almost beer thirty!”

Look excited

   12. Smile and turn your head to the side. This face says, “Didn’t I see you at the gym last night?”

Smile and turn to the side

  13. Get a blank look on your face. This says, “Worst. Idea. Ever.”

Get blank look

  14. Look around the room. This face says, “Is anyone writing this down?” 

 Look around

  15. Furrow your brow and smile. This face says, “Schedule another meeting to discuss this? Sure.”

Furrow brow, smile

  16. Scrunch your nose. This face says, “Was that a fart?”

Scrunch nose

  17. Recoil with fear. This face says, “You just wrote on the whiteboard with a permanent marker.”

Recoil with fear

  18. Take an air of superiority. This face says, “My mere presence adds value to this meeting.”

Take air of superiority

  19. Look up and to the side. This face says, “Hmm, I don’t remember saying I’d do that.”

Look up to the side.

  20. Take a bite of your salad. This face says, “I just took a bite of salad so no one can ask me anything.”

took a bite of salad

   21. Get a sheepish look on your face. This says, “Yes, we’ve been talking about streamlining this process for 18 months now.”

sheepish look


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