Mon. Feb 18th, 2019

Lose weight according to your astrological sign

Astrologic_signs dieting_zodiac signs

Astrologic_signs dieting with zodiac signs

You are Aries, Aries Ascendant or Mars dominant

As with everything else, you do not have a dead hand when you decide to tackle your extra pounds. What is talking to you? Formulas worthy of the military like the Bootcamp, which preach the surpassing of oneself by inflicting to their followers sessions of sport which border the torture. Also for you, turbo-cures, because it must go fast. With this in mind, devices that spray the curves with ultrasound can act without much delay.

You are Taurus, Ascendant Taurus or Venus dominant

Go on a diet ? Be careful, no big words for the epicurean nature that you are! Just read the description of slimming meals recommended, with herbal teas and rice cakes, or even soup and yoghourts for holidays, you depress. No need to insist in this way, it does not suit you. By cons, when you have decided to slim down, you are ready to invest in time, effort, and maybe even money. That’s your asset!

With seriousness, as if it were a job, you concoct so small dishes that resemble the cure of Michel Guérard or, better still, you book a week in a resort with professional care at the key. Why that of Henri Chenot, in Italy, which is covered with praise? More prosaically, an endurance sport will work well with you. For example, running. Also think about forcing on fruits and vegetables: your Venusian sign has provisions to become a vegetarian.

You are Gemini, Gemini Ascendant or Mercury dominant

If you have to move to lose weight, then you can become world champion. But be careful especially to move from words to action! Generally cerebral rather than physical, you can follow a fairly strict diet without almost realizing it, especially if your mind is busy: so take advantage of this trick that will make your life easier, force the shows or even better, sign up for courses of all kinds, which will bring the pleasures of the table in the background.

As you are also curious and over-informed, you are always among the first to test the latest in diet. A few years ago, the alkaline method or the biochemical approach replace trends, that is to say the 5:2 diet, we will not learn it! You can even explain to those around you how the regimes of the year are more convincing than the previous ones, not without humor. Because with the critical spirit that characterizes you, you know how to adapt them to your personal sauce!

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