Lose weight according to your astrological sign

You are Gemini, Gemini Ascendant or Mercury dominant

If you have to move to lose weight, then you can become world champion. But be careful especially to move from words to action! Generally cerebral rather than physical, you can follow a fairly strict diet without almost realizing it, especially if your mind is busy: so take advantage of this trick that will make your life easier, force the shows or even better, sign up for courses of all kinds, which will bring the pleasures of the table in the background.

As you are also curious and over-informed, you are always among the first to test the latest in diet. A few years ago, the alkaline method or the biochemical approach replace trends, that is to say the 5:2 diet, we will not learn it! You can even explain to those around you how the regimes of the year are more convincing than the previous ones, not without humor. Because with the critical spirit that characterizes you, you know how to adapt them to your personal sauce!

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